Crust Meets World [Demo EP]

by Cory Matthews

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Hardcore punk band from Raleigh, NC.
Instruments recorded live to cassette in Mid-July 2014.


released August 14, 2014

Dennis - Drums
Josh - Bass
Gabe - Guitar, Vocals
Joe - Vocals, Production



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Cory Matthews Raleigh, North Carolina

Hardcore punk band from Raleigh, NC.

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Track Name: Robert Says Hardcore Punk Isn't Marketable
Cowardice encased
in broken bottles
the seal is cracked
many years spent
hiding behind
using cuffed fists as a crutch
countless times spent
eyes dazed, point at two feet
planted firmly on the ground
no destinations or concerns
going nowhere

I'm sure that you know that the reasons change
and I know that you will stay the same
we are just jaded in our prime
and you are wasting all your fucking time

Listless days smothered in apathy
listless days smothered in lethargy
you are the product of your own
fucking mistakes


Eat shit
fuck you
piss off
you're a fag
fucking shit
eat my shit
Track Name: Callum Your House Got Robbed
Angry sirens
in my head
cacophonous cocktail
of urgent dread
so afraid
of what's to come
so disappointed
by what I've done
I'm sure it's over
today's the end
tomorrow's fading
as I descend


enslaved by me


by the bastard
Track Name: Don't Attempt To Fuck With Mr Feeny
Don't attempt to fuck with Mr. Feeny
He'll fuck you up
Track Name: Procrastination
Put it off
put it off
put it off
do it later not now
not yet
lemme think
Imma do it later let's see
what's this
not yet
gotta do it later put it off
will do
we'll see
imma do it later
I'm currently preoccupied
with vast amounts of nothing
and the thought of switching gears
drives me absolutely nutty
not now, not now,
do it later clown
then you'll see that you know
they just put it there to say
put it off, DO IT
Track Name: Crust Wizard
Moving forward?
Not a chance
Believe me,
I would never
change my life
to make it better
Life is easy
but I'd rather sulk it up
and hate myself
Getting better,
I really want to say
it's just a phase
but what's the use of that?
I would only end up
roughing through the stint
and wasting time, just blindly
throwing out the precious years
that make up my youth
I'm worried all is futile
worried now
worried now the voice inside my mind is telling me

Of mid-life
guilt, that deep
regret, that
rumored pain,
awake at
alone and
doubtful that
the petty
shit I did
was ever
worth a thing

"That rumored pain"?
you fucking queer!
you've made me pissed off
that's it. agh!
Track Name: Garner
Lackluster vision, why can't you see
all this injustice that falls on me
you are blinded by the social caste game
you will never feel this angry pain
you can't trudge upon society
budge some convicts, you will see
punching homeless men on the streets
bundled in his own embarassed sheets
sheets of pain and sheets of red
find him cuffed in, squashed and dead
it's a sin, it's a sin,
police are your friend in hell
All this work, so alone
go to school, learn some crap
talk to people, try to fit
mess it up, want to quit
you're my friend? you're not my friend
you say we're friends,
what a useless friend in the end

[rest completely unintelligible]
Track Name: I Won't Turn It Down
You know I'm nice
I act so nice
why are you such a cunt

I won't turn it down
you gotta fuck yourself
'cause I aint turnin' down

All you do is whine and whine about the type of music
we play it out loud, we play it really when you have no reason
to be here at all, I mean you could be somewhere else right now
but nobody fucking asked you to be here right now
and it just pisses us off, it pisses us all off
because we're trying to get progress done and all you do
is sit there and you whine, "turn that music down", "turn that
fucking noise down", all you do is tell us to turn this noise down
and I don't wanna turn the noise down, it's our fucking noise,
we can do whatever noise we wanna fucking do,
you're not the boss of us, you're not the fucking boss of us,
and we're gonna do whatever noise we feel like doing
Track Name: Waste
Marching forward
into my life
you've got it backwards
i'm on your side
you think we're enemies
why can't you see
what matters more to me
is that you believe
you fucking shit
I change my mind
I'm keen to failing
and leaving all behind
I keep on trying
but what's the point
you're so much better
I only disappoint
please just do this
you know I'm useless
I'm fucking useless
I guess you were clueless

Track Name: Good Idea
You know what really grinds my gears? These special snowflake motherfuckers, whiny leftist brats demanding that the sovereign world just bow before their backwards school of thought, this ridiculous police state, ever pushing forwards trusting blindly in the greater cause of social engineering. Please, speak loud.